September 3, 2016

Once Upon a Time…The MedZango Story

Benji, Emily, and Jairi were grouped together in a USC Masters of Social Entrepreneurship program class project, tasked to find a business solution to a large social problem. After conducting countless interviews with doctors, patients, industry professionals, pharmacy and IT, the first glimmers of a product began to appear. Rounding off the group, Ryan, a USC engineering student, and Cynthia, a UCLA Epidemiology PhD student joined the founding team and together they are hard at work bringing Medzango to life.

We wanted to create a solution that generates large scale impact, simply. Doctors and Patients talking to each other shouldn’t be rocket science, but many times it seems like they are speaking different languages. We at Medzango want to translate the health into care by enabling patients to be an active participants in increasing their quality of care (and thus quality of life). And what better way than becoming experts on themselves and how they’re feeling. Because Healthcare works better when humanized.

Excited about how preparation can create positive outcomes for your health care plan? Tracking your symptoms creates better data for doctors to use! MedZango is a texting service that translates how patients’ feel into effective data for doctors! So don’t just go to the doctor… Medzango!

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September 3, 2016