Monthly Archives: September 2016

How to have a good doctor visit

So going to the doctor can be overwhelming? Confusing? Heck even terrifying! You wait all week, just to have nothing go right when you finally see the doctor. If this sounds like you, check out this list of things you can do to have a better doctor visit. Because preparation is […]

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Wait… So it’s NOT an App!?

That’s right! We are a texting service (or a chat-bot if we are feeling fancy). Simply add MedZango as a contact in you phone’s address book. We’re the friend with A+ texting etiquette – we will always listen to your complaints with enthusiasm and be sure respond (unlike the cable […]

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Once Upon a Time…The MedZango Story

Benji, Emily, and Jairi were grouped together in a USC Masters of Social Entrepreneurship program class project, tasked to find a business solution to a large social problem. After conducting countless interviews with doctors, patients, industry professionals, pharmacy and IT, the first glimmers of a product began to appear. Rounding off […]

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